Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A or B?

I need to decide which of these two blue pieces should be the one that gets entered in the challenge that is themed "Blue"

so is it the necklace with the pua center, the irregular edges and the new style chain?

or is it the deep blue of lapis made into a cuff bracelet?

which one fits the "Blue" theme better?  What do you think?

the quilting has begun!

I finally got through the other projects waiting ahead of this piece in the sewing queue and started doing the stitching on this piece

looking good so far

if you saw Sunday's post you may recall that I had decided to rip out what I had originally done on this piece because I was not happy with the reflective quality of the original

since I was reworking, I decided to make some other design changes  --  I removed the layer of organza that was over the entire surface and cut some irregular "clouds" out of it to lay across the top of the piece like little wispy clouds -- the organza layer has been replaced with a layer of fine pale gray tulle that has just enough shimmer to give the look of moon light without screaming "reflective!" -- and instead of trying to hand embroider three trees, I decided to go with one appliqued tree on top of the tulle

like the Party Line piece (picture posted here) the cutting of the clouds and the tree is all free form with no patterns at all -- I find that I like this approach for trees and foliage!  I'm also doing this tree with raw edges -- another departure from my usual approach

what does all this experimenting mean?  I'm not sure.  I just know that I'm enjoying the process and some of the results are giving me that "did I do that?" feeling

can't wait to get back to the studio!

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AlisonH said...

A great feeling to have. Love it!

Re the two blues, the lapis is towards the violet side on my screen, if one wants to quibble on what blue is, and of course real life trumps screen views. But they're both beautiful.