Tuesday, February 04, 2014

moving along nicely

this piece is one of those "did I do that" moments

the center is a piece of quartz druzy that I got in a neat little shop in Santa Fe last spring

because it is natural, undyed druzy, I decided to keep the piece in soft white/beige/gold colors

the brass wings are two sided and actually move slightly

I'm working on the chain for this piece (a little piece of it shows there at the bottom of the picture)

this should be finished in the next day or so, then I can get to the next piece that is already developing in the back of my head

the quilting is done!

time for binding, label and sleeve

I'm starting to feel like I'm living inside a snow globe

yesterday was clear but cold, and we went out and did errands -- picking up groceries and dog food so now we're good for a few days while it's supposed to snow and be colder still (ok, when 30 degrees is the high temperature for a whole week, it's COLD!)

this picture is what my big blue spruce tree looked like from the comfort of inside the living room through the front window  ---- BRRRRRRR!

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AlisonH said...

Brrr. Pretty out there, but, brrr.

And I wish you could have heard my Oh that's pretty! as that first picture opened up.