Sunday, February 09, 2014

up sides, down sides

this is an up side

yesterday afternoon I finished the beading on this bracelet and spread the goo on the back that seals all of the stitching

when I get back to it I will be cutting it out of the backing and working on creating the "sandwich" of bead work, plastic, metal cuff form and leather that makes the final piece

this is actually the second piece I've created in a month that fits the theme of the latest beading challenge -- and I think this is the piece that I will actually enter -- I just think it will do better in the voting

this one is an up too

I'm getting very close to finishing the upholstery of the chair I've been working on, and one of the things that was needed was a pillow 

ta da!  the back of it is the same deep burgundy as the center of the flowers on the front

looking good!

and the chair is down to needing the final fabric across the bottom and the decorative braid and tacks around the lower edge

should get this finished this week

this one, however, is a down

I like the moon (in fact, it came out way better than I thought it would), and the way I added the ring around the moon worked well too

the snow at the bottom is good

there to the right of center is the beginning of a tree, but here is where things start to get difficult 

for one thing, hand embroidering that tree and the two others that were planned in the original drawing will take a very long time, and I can tell already may cause a problem with puckering the whole center area of the piece

secondly, the layer of organza over the top is too reflective -- I was looking for that sort of hazy, glow-y look you get on the night of a big full moon, but this is just not quite it

so I'll probably be picking out all of the embroidery then I'll need to think about how else I can get the look I want it to have

more up

finished another hat -- this one has some interesting patterns that just "happen" when you use combinations of yarn together

I started working on the mittens to go with this hat last night

this bird house sits in the corner of the fence around my patio

during the last snow storm, this little "snow cave" formed around it

I love the look of this!  (now, how can I do that in fiber?) 

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