Wednesday, February 26, 2014

At LONG last

the chair is finished!

finally got the braid and the tacks along the bottom edge

a very big TA DA!  

considering the fact that I had never seen this chair as anything but a naked wood frame (which had been moved around with us for over 30 years!), the finished product looks pretty great

I'm working on a new piece of jewelry

the stone in this is ruby and zoitzite, and I let the stone decide what color the beads should be (the biggest round beads in the "collar" are the same stone)

not sure exactly what the finished product will look like, but I'm enjoying the journey

this piece, however is much more planned!

I did this drawing last night -- now I need to go through the boxes of beads and stones and see what's available on hand to make it out of

the quilting has begun on this piece

I had started doing the space between the foliage and the wire one way then changed my mind and picked it all out

something different will be in order when I get back to this

today we have a lot of errands to tend to -- time to get to that!

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