Sunday, June 01, 2014

yup, I'm still here

I know, it's been a L O N G time since I posted

last weekend we went to spend the 3 day weekend with our daughter, son in law and grandson, and a lot of this week has been spent dealing with medical procedures and working around the house

there has been some creative work here too, however!

while I was away, I finished this little guy

different from the first winged monkey, but still very cute

these are the pictures of the tractor sweater that show the damage

while I was with my grandson we had a discussion about what he would like the new sweater to look like, and he sat next to me and helped pick colors for the yarn order that went in

as soon as that order arrives, the knitting for the replacement will begin

meantime the damaged sweater came home with me -- I will launder it and then pick it apart to use as much of the yarn as I can in other projects -- probably afghan squares

apparently the third attempt at reworking this piece is actually going to stick

I'm about a third of the way through doing the other side of this piece as well, and I'm hopeful of getting it done by the deadline for the challenge

the first of the lock series is completed -- just in time for me to enter it in a small works show

keeping my fingers crossed that it will make the cut

I'm pretty pleased with it -- the stitching went really well, and my idea to use some vintage snaps stitched on backwards as the "screws" on the hasp worked even better than I thought it would

I've been working a bit on this too

the bottom section has a new hatbox appliqued on and it is ready for me to do some stitching and some painting on that

looking good

this is the fabric I have chosen to be the back of the fiesta quilt
the colors are perfect and it nicely echos the front of the quilt

I should be ready to start the quilting on this piece sometime this week

the DH has been busy in the garage workshop too

 the painting of the decorative garden windmill he's working on has begun

yup, things are moving along here

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AlisonH said...

Now that is and was a well-loved sweater. Love the flying monkey, but someone needs to show it that this is what happens when you get caught in a tractor beam.