Sunday, June 15, 2014

how did it get to be Sunday again already?

well, as usual, because time marches on rather I'm pay attention or not

its been a busy week

this piece, which is the first in a series of pieces I'm working on, was juried into a small works show that will hang in a gallery in downtown Denver from July 12 to September 2 --- I'm pretty excited about that

that same show (of which I am the curator, but NOT the juror -- meaning someone with bigger "art chops" than I picked which of the 75 pieces entered will actually hang), was also a source of considerable time expended this week --- there is a lot of paperwork involved in organizing a show, receiving entries, notifying the folks who's work makes the show -- and those that did not --- a couple more weeks of this will go on before we hang the show and the worst of my work is over -- at least until September when I will send the pieces home to their makers

I did manage to get this piece of jewelry finished and listed in my Etsy store

it is part of the June Etsy Bead Weavers challenge on the theme Steampunk

if you're interested in voting on the challenge winner, you can use this link to the blog where voting is going on

I've started working on this piece of bead embroidery to represent a peacock feather

I'll probably be setting it aside for a while though as I just agreed to do a commissioned piece of jewelry

the quilting of the Fiesta piece is finished and the binding is on -- just need to finish adding the sleeve and a label for that piece to be ready to mail

I'm spending more time working on putting things in boxes and rearranging things -- once I finished the machine work on the Fiesta piece, I started moving my studio to the basement

this week I spoke to a couple of different people about the possibility of just selling our house to someone without going through the whole repair it, list it and show it for who knows how many months on end

they talk a good story -- they tell you that you don't have to do any more repairs or painting or whatever the real estate person will tell you you need to do to "stage" a house to sell it -- they tell you that you can take your kitchen appliances if you want -- they tell you that you can leave the old washer and dryer in the basement if you want

like I said, they talk a good story

what they don't tell you is that you need to be prepared to take a bit hit on what you'll get for it --- by my calculations, even accounting for what the commission to the real estate agents would be, we would have to be willing to accept about $60,000 less than we would get in the normal process of list and sell --- just not something we can afford to do

so now I'm working my head around having to have our lives turned upside down for who knows how long to put it on the market -- there must be some reason we need to still be here for a while -- I just wish I had some idea what it is since that would make it less painful

oh well

time to get back to work

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