Sunday, June 08, 2014

oh deer!

in the past we've only seen the deer in our neighborhood either during the winter or when the hills to the west of us were on fire

this week a young buck was wandering around

I was happy to have my cell phone close at hand to get this picture of him

the fence in our back yard is once again dog secure -- the original fence boards were on the neighbor's side of the fence, and there were several broken ones in this panel

one of the holes was big enough for my dog to put her head through -- and would have been more than big enough for my daughter's little dog to just go on through

after a couple of non-productive discussions with the neighbor, we decided to just handle it on our side of the fence

we'll let them deal with those broken boards on their side

we've also been working on the garden area -- the top level has been cleared, weed block cloth put down, mulch spread and new plants put in

the bottom level will get mulch soon and the wood flower garden has been installed -- looking good!

this piece is slowly coming along -- the hat box looks pretty good, it needs some more stitching and some color added, but I'm pretty pleased with how it's going

here is the fiesta before I put the "sandwich" together

I've started working on the quilting on this and it's coming right along

and then there is this

in 2010 I made the necklace shown in the advertisement for a competition sponsored by Fire Mountain Gems

this past week I was notified that it would be featured in a back cover advertisement in a Ukranian Beading Magazine

very cool!  (just wish I could read everything that's inside!)

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AlisonH said...

Cool! Congratulations!