Thursday, May 28, 2015

another finished piece

Postcard from Russia

my piece for the Hoffman Challenge is complete

this is the second piece I've done that involves part of the design running off the edges of the piece -- just a little thinking outside the box

amidst all of the ongoing unpacking and arranging -- and re-arranging -- I'm working on other projects

doing the ArtWalk Longmont show earlier in the month got me excited to do some bead work again, so I went and got supplies to make some more of the "tribute to Gees Bend quilts" pieces -- this one is getting close to being done

progress is being made on the quilt I'm making for my daughter -- it's nice to be able to spread it out and figure out how much wider and how much longer it needs to be!

Christmas knitting continues -- yesterday I made a visit to my local yarn shop (happy to find one here in my new town!) -- I needed to get the proper tools for the next project I will be casting on

you never know when you move stuff what the causalities will be

the last time we moved one of the side pieces of glass in this cabinet got broken

this time the glass all survived, but the taping that held the three pieces of glass in the front together just fell out - taking a lot of the gold leaving down the center with it

I spent several days with gold paint pens (Sharpie makes several widths of tips in these now), redoing all the gold and then reapplied tape

good as new!  ready to put all those collectibles back into the cabinet

the demo part of the remodel is done!

this contractor believes in reusing materials that can be, so there are sheets of drywall and a stack of 2x4s waiting for the next step

moving right along!

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