Monday, June 01, 2015

it's a frame job!

yup, the walls are going up!

for the past few days other projects have been accompanied with the sound of a compressor running and the air nailer putting up the framing for the walls of the new rooms


meantime, I've been starting to do some of the fun part of unpacking

in my new kitchen I have high ceilings and space on top of the cabinets to display some treasures

there are some more pieces to go up there, but it is a start

 I'm working on some bead work too

this bracelet is ready for the backing and the finishing work
and this piece has been started

looking good!

can we introduce our doodle bird?

picked up this fun metal sculpture over the weekend -- love the bright colors and the funny motion he does in the wind

cool -- it's really starting to feel like home

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