Sunday, July 19, 2015

ArtWalk Longmont and other activities of the week

this was part of my set up for ArtWalk, which concluded yesterday

because it's July, I used a lot of my summer themed pieces for this show

the next ArtWalk is in September, and I will feature more fall things then

one of the fun things about ArtWalk is that it is held in the quirky old buildings in downtown

my pieces have been in the Inspire Salon and Spa, and I could not resist taking pictures of the finishes on the wall (check out the cool pieces of weathered and painted wood!) and the random pieces of tile work at the front entry

it's a fun environment

and while we're discussing environment -- here are the latest pictures of the progress in the studio

the painters have been here doing the walls, the flooring is down in the main room of the studio and the cabinet, sink and counter tops are set in the bathroom

on Friday my contractor told me I can plan to be able to start moving into this space the end of next week

Wooo Hoooo!

meantime, in the makeshift studio upstairs, work continues on the shed door projects

there are now 3 of the 12 that needed stitching that have been done -- only 9 more to go

and the kitchen counter got pressed into service for the layout on this piece

the plan was to have this piece on the left finished in time for the ArtWalk show this week -- and that just didn't come together

so I have put it aside for now and started on something new --- hope to get both of them finished shortly

and the fabric for the kitchen arrived this week --- it's pretty cool to be thinking about making things out of fabric I designed!

hoping to get lots done this week

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