Sunday, July 12, 2015

of floors and doors and some art work

welcome to the studio

the work has progressed to the stage that there is a door at the bottom of the stairs (which also means the work noise is somewhat muffled while noisy things like compressors are running, which is a big relief!)

but that is not the only door that is in place

the rest of them have been all fitted up with hinges and trimmed so they fit perfectly
and the tile for the bathroom is all in too

the painting begins bright and early tomorrow morning -- Yippee!

meantime, work on art continues

on Tuesday I'll be setting up my pieces in a local beauty salon where they will be on display until Saturday evening's ArtWalk 

this necklace won't be done for Tuesday's set up, but it should be by Saturday

 I've returned to working on shed doors

the quilting on this one is now done and it needs to be trimmed and bound
the stitching on this one is still in process

I wasn't sure I would like this one -- it was the very last one I stitched and the last one I painted and so far it is the one with the most stitching -- I think it's going to be okay

this is moving along too

on Friday I went into my local quilt store to pick up a spool of thread to do the thread painting on the snow part of this piece -- ended up with 5 spools of thread and some fabric for the next part of this -- hmmm, thread is like potato chips, you can't get just one!

the other exciting thing that happened this week has to do with finally accomplishing something that I set out to do six years ago

when I joined SAQA I was specifically looking for a one on one mentor to help me take the work up that next step that would help me get my work into more shows  and possibly into a gallery

at the time, SAQA didn't have a one on one program in place, so I just continued to do "independent study" and ask a lot of questions of anyone that would listen

this month SAQA instituted a mentor program, and I signed up right away -- this morning I got the email that the program coordinator has matched me up with someone and I should hear from her soon -- very exciting!

look at that --- a new dedicated studio and a mentor all in one summer --- no more excuses!  time to get to work

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AlisonH said...

Did you hear me my quiet exclamation and delight, "Look at that!" as the page opened up? Congratulations on your new space down there! And on getting that mentor. Wonderful!