Sunday, July 26, 2015

rocking through the week

and a busy one it was!

the list is out for the Hoffman Challenge 2015

this piece will be traveling until about this time next year with the traveling trunks

I will get to see the entire exhibit at The Ranch in Loveland, August 15 thru 17 as the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival is the only place all of the pieces appear together

on Monday I got to see this quilt (which I submitted to the Sacred Threads exhibit)
as it appears in this book -- the catalog of the entire exhibit

this was a great thrill for me as it is the first place one of my quilted pieces has appeared in a show that is that tough to get in to

I've been working on this piece of jewelry this week, and it is now ready for backing and fringe and a "chain"

the gradation of color on this worked really well

and since the next show for jewelry that I will apply for will be held in September, I'm thinking about fall themed pieces for that

this will be a beaded pin

and there was enough of the prepared backing in the center of the necklace that is almost finished to do the beading in for this piece -- cool -- no wasting!

the trees have all been fused down on this piece now, and I have started doing the color stitching --

the first step was to use black in the very center of every branch and trunk

I'm still doing the hand stitching of that part on those little bitty trees/bushes at the very top along the horizon, but the bigger trees were all done on the machine, and I've started doing the lighter color along the outside edges of each one

I decided that the light for this piece is beyond the horizon on the right hand side, so I'm shading and highlighting accordingly

and the biggest news of the week

the basement has been magically converted into the studio space!

my contractor was here on Friday to finish up the bathroom -- including hanging that antique mirror and the carpet guys were here Friday evening to put down the carpet

the final inspection was done on Friday too, so I can start moving things in --- WOO HOO!!

I'm so glad to be through this step and ready to start setting up shop

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