Wednesday, June 07, 2017

cranking out new work

despite having a couple of bad days the past week, I have gotten quite a bit of work done on projects

the applique work on this piece is complete now, and it is ready to be quilted

the stitching and facing of this piece is complete

and after what I wrote last post about the blue dog, I created this piece which is titled "Seeing Red"

which is based on this photo of Mr Benson

yup, it's still a dog

I did this one with raw edge stitched applique, and it is a small piece (12" x 12") that I intend to mount on a canvas

which is also what I plan to do with this now completed piece
I painted the outside edges and part of the front of the canvas around the edge with black, and the edge of the fiber piece has been tightly satin stitched, so it is ready to be cut and applied to the canvas

I've never done one this way before, but so far it has not been difficult, and I am pleased with how it looks

this piece is progressing nicely too

even though the first show I would have entered this in is long since closed, I have found a new show that I want to enter it in -- so I need to get this one done by July 6 -- I think I can do that

this is the next piece in the Parched Earth series -- the pattern has been drawn for quite a while, but I ran a few other pieces in ahead of the applique

I started working on the sky last night, and I plan to try some new things with this piece -- we'll see how that all works!

meantime, here on the home front, the green beans that Mr Cute helped me plant on Mother's Day are come up quite nicely, and the DH built this lovely wood framing that I stapled some plastic netting to so those green beans will have a trellis to climb up on

looking good!

and Mr Benson continues to amuse us --

on one of our daily walks to the mailbox this week, he was introduced to Molly, the 2 year old chocolate lab that lives across the street from us --- now he looks forward to seeing Molly every time we take a walk!

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