Tuesday, June 13, 2017

some finished work -- and progress on others


this is the first piece I have done that is actually mounted on a canvas for hanging

LOVE the way this looks!

and attaching it was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and I really like the depth away from the wall when it's hung

this success has me considering creating some other pieces in this size with some other single object "portraits"

the stitching on this piece has begun --- the outline around the end of the nose and the eye is done as is the very deepest part of the ear

since this is another small piece, I hope to have the stitching done on this one this week

which is a good thing, because it's time to start stitching on this piece

I got the background done on it yesterday, so now the details get done with thread -- I just might make the deadline for that July 6 show entry!

over the weekend Mr Cute was here to spend some time with Gramma

his current passion is big boats, and we spent time on the computer downloading some patterns for this pirate ship which we then put together with blue painter's tape

this is where my ability to build 3 dimensional objects from paper or card stock gets challenged, because he truly believes that since I'm an artist I can make anything ---- what a kid!!!

he really wants to make models just now, so I'll be trying to find some age appropriate ones for him (although I recognize in him my own inclination to want to run before walking --- he was very interested in the huge model of an WWII battle ship, which I'm sure would be way beyond both of our abilities!)

having Mr Cute here also meant that Mr Benson got a lot of extra running time

a tired dog is a good dog!!

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