Monday, June 26, 2017

more work getting done

the process of putting a piece on a 12" by 12" canvas was so satisfactory that I decided to do another one

this piece is titled "Seeing Red", and has been entered (along with Lady Sings the Blues) in a show titled Gone to the Dogs

we'll see if either of them are accepted

I'm making good progress on this piece

all of the quilting is done except for the hands, the walker frame and the background

still thinking positive thoughts about being able to get this done for a show deadline on July 6!

and this piece is coming right along too -- as soon as I finish stitching down the rake itself (miles and miles of edges around all those cuts!) it will be ready for quilting

one of the things that happens when I work on one project right after another -- or concurrently -- is that the shelves where the fabric is stored start to get into disarray

and after almost 2 years in this studio space, the condition of those shelves got to where I couldn't find what I was looking for

so I've been spending some time every day between stitching sessions tidying things up and installing the newly acquired organizer boxes

much better!

(only 6 more shelves to go!!)

meantime, out in the garage workshop, the DH devised some "pots" for my flowers

clever guy fashioned all 6 of these out of one 4 foot piece of shelving lumber, and I think it looks great!  and this is much tidier and easier to move than the clay pots full of gravel we had the first year


Mr Benson doing his best "charm the ladies" pose here --- his FaceBook friend Roxy (a dog that lives with an artist friend of mine) thinks he's quite handsome!

we think so too

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