Sunday, September 22, 2013

back to working on projects

this is the progress on creating a pair of earrings that I'm calling "Triangular Citrus" -- I hope to get these finished in the next couple of days

yesterday I finished the quilting on this piece

having overcome my first impulse to toss it in the "never to be finished" pile when I first started on the quilting because I did not like the frayed edges, I have managed to stitch it into submission

next step is to press it, trim it and get a binding (or a facing) on it

as I look at the photograph I see some things that I would do different if I were to consider this design again, but those have to do with color choices

I'm hoping my daughter will be pleased with it

then there is this

we have established this tradition of Mr Cute wearing Halloween costumes custom designed and made by gramma

in past years the decision about what that costume would be was made by his mom and dad -- this year he has expressed his own opinion

he wants to be a dinosaur

my daughter picked up a gray sweat suit as the basis for this costume, and I will be adding spots and spikes and a tail to it

tomorrow I will wash the sweat suit and the bright green fleece that I picked up at the fabric store so this project can get underway

meantime, we're into the crunch time of preparing for the charity auction that I am chairing --- this is the basket I put together this week for the auction --- made up of items donated by my daughter and I --- I hope it will help raise some money for the cause

time to get moving


AlisonH said...

Mr. Cute is a very lucky guy. I wish I were any good at costumes.

Debating whether I dare say that first photo looks Jagger-ish.

AlisonH said...

(Mick could only wish.)