Friday, September 27, 2013

Cranking it up

having returned from taking care of my grandson, I've been playing "catch up" to finish projects, both artistic and otherwise

these earrings are now complete and have been listed in my Etsy store this morning (see link at the top right of my blog)

the big pumpkin piece is done! 

there were some things about this piece that I was not happy with as I started the quilting process, but in the end, I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out

I'm pretty sure I'm not finished with this subject matter as a theme for quilting

I have at least one other drawing that I want to work on a bit more, and then there is this
a photo I took in the grocery store with my cell phone after the DH did some artful arranging in the produce bin

I think these will be part of my "slice of life" series

and there are these two pictures too -- I love the colors in the picture of the fruit -- it has lots of potential for some thread painting

finished another afghan square

I learned this week that a number of the afghan squares like this that I have knit and sent off to Close Knit Hugs have returned to Colorado in afghans that were sent to the Boulder area for flood victims

I'm glad to have provided -- but sad they are needed

coming up on the deadline for the charity auction I'm chairing, so I'm up to my neck in paperwork for that --- time to get to it

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