Wednesday, September 25, 2013

projects interrupted

we got the phone call -- "mom, can you help out?"

even though Mr Cute has gotten his vaccinations right on schedule, he was that one in five that ended up catching chicken pox anyway

which meant he could not go back to day care until all dozen or so spots were crusted over, and since his mom and dad had already missed several days of work with the flooding in their area the week before, taking more time was just not a good thing for them to have to do

gramma to the rescue

these are some pictures I took of some of his art projects that we did together while I was there

and this line up just makes me smile

these are "little people" animals from his play sets lined up to watch TV --- this began the last time we visited and it was just the horse watching TV, but the giraffe joined the horse while we were there then

yesterday morning before we left I put the zebra up there --- I need to ask his mom if he noticed last night

these pictures are from the garage workshop

the DH is working on fixing up the dining room chairs -- which are over a hundred years old

the leather seat covers that were on them had started falling apart and a couple of them had some minor water damage, so he is working on them in pairs -- he has stripped off the seat covers (which we were amazed to discover included these cane bottoms that were the original seats) has done some repairing of wood splits and then has applied a fresh coat of dark oak stain over one of them (the other one will be following soon)

he will put on a couple of coats of  sealer over this then we will put on new seats and they will look as good as the table does again -- yeah!

got to love having family hand me downs for furniture!!

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AlisonH said...

Wow. I wish I could refinish furniture. He's going a beautiful job.

And good luck to Mr. Cute and his momma, and I'm glad you're close enough to help. I have two kids who got chickenpox before the vaccine and before they were six months old, which meant they didn't have immunity and got it again much worse the second time. I'm so glad there's a vaccine now--not only to avoid that one but shingles in the future.