Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby Quilt

finished putting the binding on this last night and it's in the washer now

when I first heard that a pink zebra quilt was the desired item for this particular nursery I was not sure how well this would go

I have to say that in the end I'm pleased with it

and since that quilt is done, I can get to these two art quilts that have been patiently waiting their turn at the machine to be stitched

the backing and the edging of this piece has been finished now, and I'm struggling with teaching myself a new technique for the "chain" piece -- and I'm waiting to get the chain done before I build a bail since having to redo the bail part because it is either too small or way too big is annoying

and then there is the other question -- to fringe or not to fringe?

don't have an answer for that one yet

the third pair of purple yarn scrap mittens is finished too -- 

I've begun a new hat which is a very dark navy with a very fine red thread in with it -- not as interesting to knit as these purple ones were, but it does look very nice and I'm trying to make sure there is a good mix of appropriate colors for both boys and girls in this group of goodies

it's snowing this morning, as predicted, so we're not planning to go anywhere -- just maybe back into the studio to work on projects!


AlisonH said...

Beautiful projects!

AlisonH said...

Did you see Ruth Bader Ginsburg's beaded necklace during the State of the Union address last night? Beautiful, and it made me think of you and what a superb job you could do of making her an even better one.