Saturday, January 04, 2014

Back to working on things

because I have not yet solved the how to on the dog piece, I've moved on to some other things

this piece, for instance, is progressing nicely

it is very different from most of the pieces I've done, since I prefer to work in representational themes, blame it on the piece that I did for the local quilt guild I guess, since that one was also abstract

I have returned to working on this piece -- the applique work has been done for quite a while, but I had other things going on at the sewing machine, so I hadn't started it yet

adding the stitching on the little car made it look much more finished, and I'm looking forward to creating some vegetation in the background with more stitching

and then there is this project -- yes, those are zebras -- and yes they are pink!!

I stamped all of these panels yesterday to put them into a baby quilt I'm working on

they still need to be ironed, now that the paint is dry and I will be adding some embroidered details -- manes and some little clumps of grass -- to each one before they are set together with several shades of pink around them

it is snowing this morning, so there are no plans to go out of the house for anything -- should be able to get a lot of work done on projects!

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