Sunday, January 12, 2014

some finished work -- and some nearly finished

Mr Cute was still in need of some pants -- he could still wear the size 2 around the waist, but the weather is too cold for shorts

Gramma to the rescue -- my daughter bought the fabrics, and we were going to have a sewing lesson while I was there at Christmas time, but we ran out of time, so the fabric came home with me

The making of these took a bit longer than usual because I took pictures of each step along the way so I can write up a tutorial for my daughter's future use

these came out pretty cute!

this little knitted critter is all ready to go as soon as I finish the baby quilt it goes with

this was a fun pattern to do

and this is the quilt top -- finished putting this together last night -- time to press it then put together the sandwich and get it quilted!

The replacement printer hasn't arrived yet, so the pile of things that need printing is growing -- and I have a couple of new quilting projects that I want to print out the patterns for --- hoping it will be here tomorrow!

1 comment:

AlisonH said...

Suddenly wistful for the days when I used to sew for my babies and toddlers like that.

And that is one happy quilt!