Thursday, January 16, 2014

beading again

I hadn't done any beading for quite a while, having dedicated much of November and December to getting Christmas projects finished

Earlier this week I started this piece for a "blue" challenge

I'm pretty pleased with the progress so far

and of course as soon as I spent some time sorting through the bins to find stuff for this challenge, some other materials caught my eye and I have another project waiting in the wings


last night I went off to one of my artist groups and wished that I'd had a camera other than my cell phone and that someone else was driving!

since I couldn't take a picture of that full wolf moon rising behind the bare trees, I had to do this little drawing after the fact

so will this turn into something more than a 3 inch square drawing -- not sure -- but I'm thinking about it

the replacement for the replacement printer arrived yesterday, and all is good!  and the replacement card from my bank for the one that was compromised by Target during the Christmas season arrived and I've switched everything I needed to on that too

so -- I think we can start trying to get back into a more normal routine -- some actual studio time coming up!!


Nancy G said...

I know what you mean. On my way to choir practice last night, I so wanted to pull over and take a picture of that gorgeous moon, but I don't think the other folks on the highway (C470) would have appreciated that!

That blue beading project is already beautiful; I look forward to seeing it finished.

AlisonH said...

That moon was gorgeous--and the blue start to your beading reflects it already. Looks to me like you've got more than one rendition of it going there. Cool.