Thursday, March 20, 2014

about the mitten

I thought this piece was done a while back

but it just begged for some little splash of color (one of the members of my on line critique group suggested a puddle of blood -- suggesting some murder mystery no doubt!)

after mulling on this I originally wanted to put in a yellow mitten (a yellow mitten being an important childhood memory), but it simply didn't show up well enough, looking instead like a dirty smug there in the snow, so I settled on a bright orange one instead (a pair of orange mittens being a much more recent and important memory to preserve)

NOW it's done

this piece is done too

I had thought that I was going to add some fringe, but in the end the fact that the bottom edge already has a matching "finish" all the way around, it just doesn't seem to need it

and having finished the necklace, I'm now working on a bracelet with a piece of the same stone

the verdict is out on how this will go -- I really like the center stone, still not as sure about the side stones

we'll see how it goes

1 comment:

AlisonH said...

Ooooooh, wow. Gorgeous, both. And where the mitten is makes it look like a little kid ditched it to go climb the tree earlier in the day, not waiting for summer. Cool.