Monday, March 17, 2014

returning to a prior project

now that the bracelet is done, I'm back to working on this piece

when I did the necklace part originally, it was the same width at the front ant the back

after I finished working the beading around the stone, I decided that I wanted the front of the necklace to be wider to fit along the sides of the stone

which meant I spent a couple of days tearing back part of the way and reworking it so it gradually gets wider

sort of a pain, but it looks SO much better

now I need to make a clasp and  add some fringing

 the hand stitching is complete -- time to make the quilt "sandwich" and take it to the sewing machine for quilting

after fiddling with color and doing a lot of measuring to figure out how big I want the circles to be, I have printed out the full size pattern

this piece will be 45 inches square when I get it done -- big enough to be seen from across the room in a fair grounds building 

the deadline for this piece is July 18, when the quilt must be in their hands, so it's time to get to this!

today's chores include laundry and a trip to get groceries -- time to get to that!

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AlisonH said...

For the wearing of the green... I like it wider at the bottom like that. Nicely done.