Saturday, March 22, 2014

is ours two short rings or one long one?

last night I finally finished this piece

it is titled "Party Line"

it has a very old school title, but it was created in a way that is very new for me

usually there are  several drawings, then full size patterns when I do one of these, but the only thing I did for this one is a very rough pencil sketch on a sheet of notebook paper

all of the stitched grasses were free form cut and stitched, then the gold colored grass was added with stitching and Inktense pencils

and at the last minute I decided it needed a border that looks like a mat around a painting in the binding frame

I'm glad to have this one finished at last

and the verdict on the bracelet was that I really didn't like those small pieces of stone at the sides, so I pulled them off and went to a design that more closely matches the necklace this is to go with

and I am very pleased with how this is going

the stitching on this piece has begun --- concentric "circles" the basis of the whole design

I need to create 17 of these to cover the surface of the piece -- just 14 to go!

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AlisonH said...

I am reminded of spring and fall growing up back East, where you would look up and see clouds of migrating birds together overhead.