Sunday, August 03, 2014

A better week

the week started off on a good note

this piece, titled Fiesta! has been accepted as part of the traveling show for the Hoffman Challenge 2014

back in June I thought I had this all finished, only to find when I started to fill out the paperwork to submit it that it was too big for the size limitations!!

I picked off the binding, cut it down and redid the binding and managed to get that all done in time to get it submitted between ER trips and other issues --- hurrah!

I'm pretty excited about this, the list of places this is traveling to is pretty extensive -- and I'm happy to say that now four out of five submissions to this annual challenge have made the cut to travel -- whoot! whoot!

meantime, this week I've worked on this piece some more -- it's still hard to really understand what is going on here, since there is still a lot of work to be done, but I can see progress

progress being made on this project too

in fact, this one is becoming one of those "did I do that?" pieces as the more I work on it the more amazed I am that it looks like what I originally saw in my head

I think this piece will be done in the next few days ---- and amazingly, I haven't yet begun thinking very hard about what the next piece will be --- maybe it's time

this may not look like much, but it does mark real progress in my back recovering

for about a week I hurt too much to sit at the sewing machine, which means the repair of these three bags, which should have taken 3 hours tops ended up being stretched over 2 weeks ---- grrrrrr

they do look pretty good though -- each one had the end pieces removed, new welting applied around the edge and the end piece replaced --- these things are over 20 years old, and now they should be good for another 10 years or more ----  it's all good

the packing continues -- the curio cabinets are empty, the tops of the china cabinets that held all the decorative pieces are almost empty, and yesterday I started packing books --- edging closer to the marketing of the house every day

time to get busy

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AlisonH said...

Progress sometimes happens in its own time. Best wishes with getting ready and congratulations on the high-fives on your work!