Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Source of the Problem

I've had my current sewing machine for a long time -- almost 15 years

Over the years I've run all kinds of thread through it -- just about every brand that's available -- or has been available clear back to grandma's day because I don't just throw a spool away because it's old

I've never had a problem with any of them

This week, between packing boxes and icing my knee and my back, I've been trying to make the DH a new pair of pants

I went through the drawers of thread and pulled out this spool that was the right color.  The (now missing) label on the end of the spool said "Dual Duty", so I figured there would be no problem

So we did the usual routine --- clean the feed dogs and the bobbin case, change the needle, wind a bobbin, thread the machine -- ready to sew -- or not

It sounded awful -- a machine that usually you can't hear running was making definite "clunk, clunk" sounds


Maybe it's a defective needle I thought, so I changed it again -- and re-threaded both the bobbin and the top thread

Nope -- still doing it -- stitch, clunk, stitch, clunk, stitch, clunk -- ggrrrr!

Walk away and think

The next day I decided that I would try a different spool of thread -- this spool is not the exact same color, but it will do

So again, clean, wind, thread -- and this time no clunk

Apparently that spool was labeled one thing but is actually something much thicker!  The label has been removed and I'm moving it into the tray that I keep the hand stitching threads in

Maybe now I can finish those pants!

I've been working on the chain for this piece -- it's moving along slowly

It looks good

time to get back to packing

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AlisonH said...

Like the quilting thread I used to buy for my smocking pleater, maybe?

Love love love that pendant.