Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Last Glad

a few years ago we planted a lot of daffodils and gladiolas around the rose bush right outside our front door

the last two years none of the glads have bloomed and only one or two of the daffodils had

I thought they were all dead

we've had a very early and heavy monsoon season here -- almost every day we've had a thunderstorm and some of them have been very heavy

I guess that's what this little gladiola was waiting for


finally finished!

I'll be adding this to my Etsy store and entering it in the competition soon

watch for the notice when the voting begins

and because I need to have something to do with my hands while I'm icing my back or my knees, I started something new!

this is a small piece, but I'm having fun playing with an assortment of beads doing a much easier bit of embroidery

the container for putting household items in arrives on Aug 22 -- time to get back to packing

1 comment:

AlisonH said...

We had one very rainy winter where my daffodils really went to town afterwards--I love that sense of wonder and surprise at unexpected beauty.