Thursday, August 07, 2014

Living with chaos

the piles of boxes are growing

as my back has slowly gotten so I can do more, we're getting more boxes packed -- its a good thing

and yesterday we took a car load of kitchen and other household items off to donate

even though I don't put a high priority on having an immaculately clean house, the ongoing clutter, confusion and chaos does get to me

that's why I try to take some time every day to make some art

I'm working on this beaded piece

the surface design is all finished, and I've started on the bail and chain

it has taken a couple of days of fiddling to figure out the bail, but last night the little switch clicked "on" and I figured out a way to keep the look I wanted without having the piece try to twirl around backwards --- hurrah!

now it's on to the chain

the hand applique on this piece is now done

this one needs some paint and a lot of stitching to create the details and shadows

this one will be the next piece in the shed door series -- I put the pattern together this morning, and sometime later today I'll pick out fabrics and get started

this will be the next piece in the series

the pattern is ready, and later today I'll pull out the fabrics to get started

earlier in the week I cut out two skirts and a pair of pants to be stitched, but before I got them finished, we decided to pack all the dishes in the buffet and the china cabinet, so I've not gotten that done yet -- hopefully soon

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AlisonH said...

Oh, that's *pretty*! Trees and light and interconnected. Love it.