Sunday, August 24, 2014

Catch up post

can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I got out here!

last weekend we made a quickie trip to the Northern part of the state to see the Rocky Mountain Quilt Fest

one last chance to take a look at this quilt before it went off on it's travels for a year with the Hoffman Challenge

and it was pretty cool too to take Mr Cute and let him see all of the quilts that had animals on them -- and all the fabric available for sale with tractors on it!

this trip also gave me the opportunity to drop off this completed sweater for Mr Cute

can we say it as a big hit!?

he wanted to wear it right away even though it was in the 90s!

meantime, here in chaos central, the packing continues

the picture on the left is where my boxes of beads for making projects used to sit

the picture on the right  is after I packed them all up -- ta da!!

and where is all this going you might ask

this lovely arrived on Friday -- we've been putting stuff in it -- the plan is to get as much stuff out of the house as we can to be able to stage it -- and do it quickly

which doesn't mean I'm not doing anything artful --- I'm actually making it a point to spend a little time every day doing something creative, just concentrating more on smaller pieces

this is a barrette -- and it is available now in my Etsy store

and I've just finished the hand applique work on this piece

trying to maintain some sense of balance

time to get moving


AlisonH said...

A picture of you holding Mr. Cute--I love it! He's one very very lucky little boy to have a sweater like that. Go Grandma!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me the name of the pattern you used to make the tractor hat and construction sweater?