Tuesday, October 15, 2013

a new direction

we've been cleaning things out, packing boxes, filling up the recycle bin and the trash can -- all in preparation for putting our house on the market

one of the things I found in this clean up was a tub full of mohair birds from another artistic lifetime --- still very cute stuff, just not what I do anymore

I've started putting these out on my Etsy store at very reduced prices in hope that some of them at least will "fly away" to new homes

if you're interested, you can use the link to my Etsy store there at the top right side of the blog
even though we're deep into those house projects, I have managed to get some other things done too

this hat for instance, which will be a Christmas present

last night I finished the sleeves on another Christmas knitting project

and I'm very close to finishing the quilt top I've been doing the applique work on

yesterday I spent time waiting for my van to get new tires -- I haven't put tires on it for a long time, and we decided that we wanted to go into winter not worrying about the tires, so I used the money I recently earned doing an organizational project to take care of it

while I sat there I finished another one of these afghan squares

today, when I go out to run some other errands, a box of those afghan squares will be going off to be made into afghans by Close Knit Hugs

and the box that has these hats and mittens in it will go off to the Cheyenne River Reservation

feels good to have these ready to go!

time to get to all those other projects

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AlisonH said...

You've moving? Goodness. That's such a big job. I hope it all goes well and that you love where you end up.