Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Catching up -- and it's time to vote

the contest that this piece is entered on is being voted on right now you can go to this LINK and vote for your favorite piece in the competition

over the weekend I was in northern Colorado, staying at my daughter's house and running a charity auction -- we raised a chunk of money to help Loveland Opera Theatre do productions of The Mikado

while we were there, we had Mr Cute try on his Halloween costume

this is one happy dinosaur!

one of the things that we helped with at our daughter's was the stripping of the garden before the first frost of the season

Mr Cute stood on a stool and "helped" his mom with the washing of the tomatoes as his dad did the scalding and the tomatoes got skinned and cooked and put up in jars

what fun!

one of my favorite quilt stores in my daughter's area is closing it's doors, so I went and did some shopping -- picked out some fabric to use for some future quilts

I'll miss being able to visit this store -- they had such a great little shop

apparently I'm not done with this whole pumpkin theme

I did this drawing on a note pad Saturday while I was waiting for other things to happen with the auction

the plan is to make this and have another go at trying to put a piece on stretcher bars

and more pieces for this project are coming together

3 crystals and a piece of really pretty druisie quartz

time to get busy -- lots of things to do!

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AlisonH said...

Voted! Good luck!

Love Mr Cute and his mommy together--what a happy picture they make!