Saturday, October 12, 2013

two steps forward, one step back

progress is being made on this project

I have three more pieces to encircle, then it will be on to figuring out the next step

it's been fun creating all of these -- each little beaded surround with little "handles" at each end like casserole dishes so they can be strung together with other pieces (think paper chains from your childhood -- that's the basic idea I have in mind for the making up)

it's time for the great pack up

I have afghan squares for Close Knit Hugs and mittnz and hatz for the Cheyenne River Reservation that are ready to be packed into boxes and shipped off

I hope to get the packing up done today so these can head off to their destinations on Monday

the season of Christmas sewing is fast approaching

my daughter picked up this flannel -- I will be making it into a pair of PJ pants for Mr Cute

there's just one little problem with beginning on the Christmas sewing

you may recall my talking about this little Rube Goldberg contraption that I did so I could finish a prior sewing project

yesterday afternoon I took the machine to the local Viking sewing center because I could not get the replacement light bulb to work

she tried -- same result -- which means for sure it has to go in and be officially serviced -- meaning it will cost at least $75, and will be away from me for a while

not happening right now -- sorry

so this morning I ordered this from Amazon

because my machine's casing is plastic and because it has a little mini-computer inside, I can not use anything magnetic around it

this little LED light is free standing and runs on a single AAA battery (a size that I have rechargeables for)

I'm hoping this will get me through the Christmas sewing season, then the machine can go in to the shop in January and get a good going over

time to get busy -- lots to do

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AlisonH said...

May your light so shine that you may continue to do many good works on that machine.