Thursday, October 31, 2013

Before and After

there was something not quite right about the picture on the left

so I made some changes 

now I'm ready to move on to the quilting 

and I'm starting to think about the next piece from this series

four done -- seven to go!  looking good

more spots -- this project is rolling right along too

the project to move my studio from where it was in the dining room to it's newly rearranged home in the basement is progressing nicely  -- when my daughter and son in law were here earlier in the month my son in law helped us carry all of the big tubs of fabric down there, and the DH and I have been slowly moving smaller things there since --- I'm nearly to the point that I can at least start working on some Christmas sewing soon

most of this week I've been struggling with a sinus infection -- finally this morning starting to feel less woozy and achy -- things are looking up

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AlisonH said...

Feel better quickly.

I love the smart car!