Friday, October 25, 2013

Testing, Testing

before I can move on to the next steps on a couple of projects, I needed to test out how well the techniques I plan to use would actually work

the "test" on the left side is a stencil that I cut from freezer paper to see if I could use it to paint the tail lights on the camper  --  it worked really well

the "test" on the right side is a color photograph printed on fabric -- now that it has been heat set, I need to do the washability test -- keeping my fingers crossed!

yesterday we put up most of the rest of the tomatoes from the great garden stripping that we did the first weekend of October at our daughter's --- eight pints of San Marcos plum tomatoes all ready for the shelf and future making of pasta sauce -- YUM!

this project is moving along --- I've nearly finished with encircling the crystal beads of this color

and I finally remembered to take a picture of the shell I'm knitting for myself -- love the color and the pattern, but it is only getting about half an hour a day as I'm trying to get other Christmas projects finished --- 

time to get back to work!

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