Sunday, June 07, 2015

surviving in a work zone

this week's work began with the sound of jack hammering

apparently when they put in "rough ins" for plumbing in a basement, there are exactly that -- ROUGH!

because we were okay with putting the bathroom in that corner, the breaking of concrete was minimal

the rest of the week was filled with the HVAC folks putting in new heating and cooling ducts and the electrician stringing wire and installing outlet boxes and round fixtures for can lights in the ceiling

and while that was happening, the unpacking and organizing and even "making look good" portions of moving continued

until we starting grouping these together, I didn't realize what an extensive collection of chicken and rooster pottery pieces I had (some of these had not seen the light of day for a very long time!)

work on art projects continues too

this quilt is moving right along -- it is getting close to being wide enough, and is about half as long as it needs to be

I was notified this week that I got into the ArtWalk Longmont show in July, so it's a good thing that these pieces are moving along nicely

the top one is finished, and the edge work has begun on the second one

rolling along

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AlisonH said...

When we built our first house, we paid extra for the rough plumbing to be put in for a future second bathroom downstairs. At the time it was the two of us and a baby, so we felt like, no hurry. (Not to mention no extra money. At all.)

I never could figure out how what they did was supposed to actually ever work, so, looking at your pictures I'm thinking, okay, yeah. And surely by now someone's made use of what we did--we just couldn't imagine not having that, y'know?

Love how your remodel's coming and I love that you're already back well back into being able to be creative again. Beautiful as always.