Tuesday, June 16, 2015

the series takes a giant leap

in the last few days I've been on a real roll working on all of these pieces

each of these pairs of pictures has the "before paint" on the left side and the "after paint" on the right

because we have been organizing all of the items in the garage that will eventually go in my studio, I have located the drawer units with the spools of thread that I will need to do the stitching on these, so I'm hoping to get to the stitching of these in the next few days --- WHOO HOOO!

the beading on this is now done -- ready for the finish work

and this one is about half done

I need to finish the beading on the red, white and blue one before I can cut these two apart since the original design was one wider bracelet and I decided at the last minute before I started stitching on the beads to make it into two narrow pieces instead

I still have over a month before my next show, so I'm sure I'll have both of these done by then

now that Mr Cute is a big boy and uses a booster seat in the car instead of a car seat that has sides all the way up, when he would nap while riding, his head would "bob" -- not a good thing!

while he was visiting at "gramma's" house over the weekend, we created something that would take care of that problem

a small chunk of cotton fabric stitched into this over sized horseshoe shape, firmly stuffed with polyester fiber --- he watched while I did the cutting out and stitching (he loves watching the sewing machine work!) and then he helped me with the stuffing

and there he is modeling the finished product

now his mama has requested one of her own for when they take car trips -- I think I can make that happen

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AlisonH said...

He's adorable!

And back when my oldest was a newborn, nobody sold the carseat head supports that they have now. I couldn't understand why not when there was such an obvious need, but I sewed my own, just a stuffed tube but so necessary.

I love that Mr. Cute loves his cute big-boy made-by-Gramma lucky clovers version.