Sunday, June 28, 2015

it was a very busy week

a lot of things actually got done during the week

this piece is finished

all four of the bracelets that I wanted to have done for the art show I'm doing on July 18 are now complete

so I decided to start work on a new necklace!

actually, I did the design work and "kitting" for two necklaces -- we'll see if I can actually get at least one of them done for that show

and every summer about this time I do some sewing for Mr Cute

this week's offerings included a new pillow case --- with Ninja Turtles on it

a pencil bag with tractors and barns on it -- his wise mommy says "no crayons in the car in the summer!" -- so he needed something to keep the colored pencils contained

a then there are the very spiffy (if I do say so myself) board shorts that were made from a remnant of Cars fabric that feature very carefully cut pockets

I have a few more of these "easy sewing" projects to work on in the next week or so, which should be fun

progress on the studio is happening

this week the walls went up and the spaces that will be the bathroom and the closets are much clearer

and the newest piece of the kitchen remodel arrived

we had not originally planned to replace all of the appliances in the kitchen -- just the refrigerator (which we knew from the day we first looked at the house would have to be replaced)

along the way though the revolt of the appliances in response to the replacement of the refrigerator has continued  ---  the dishwasher made a hasty exit after it proved to be untrustworthy (that final day of spewing water on the floor just did it in!) and apparently the stove decided to throw in the towel shortly after it got wind of our plan to replace it in the future by having a gas line installed

okay -- so now there is only the microwave to be replaced -- but we're limping along with what is here on that score for now

at some point in the future I want to have the counter tops and the sink replaced, but that is a while out -- the money from the sale of the other house will only stretch so far

and even though the studio is not done yet, deadlines for shows do not change, so I have begun working on this piece which has a deadline of October 31

it is bigger than the last two pieces I've done, and doesn't look like much yet, but so far I'm on track to what the vision in my head is

moving along!

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AlisonH said...

Mr. Cute is adorable!

Yow on the appliances all going blooey at once. Ours have been not quite that bad, although I did notice that when we had to buy a new dishwasher, for the first time in memory the seller didn't try hard to talk us into buying an extended warranty through them, they didn't offer one at all--and we would have! Everything is computerized and every motherboard breaks, at astronomical prices. We've learned!

I guess so have they.