Wednesday, December 18, 2013

progress, packages and better art

the garage workshop is still in full production mode

some of the finer, fiddly details of some projects call on my abilities to think up ways to create the look of reality

these are the nobs for the play stove we're creating

these are recycled materials salvaged from some other wood projects that were taken apart, these are wood wheels that have had their center holes modified for the carriage bolts, painted and then it was my turn to use my little micron pens to do the lettering on each one

the nobs for the burners say Off, Hi, Low, Med; while the oven on (painted bright red) has actual temperatures

I created a template for the DH to use when he does the drilling later today so we know they are spaced evenly too

this project is getting very close to finished!

my knitting project is moving right along too -- I should be able to get it all done before Christmas -- Yippee!!

on Monday I took these two packages and stood in line to mail them off

we stood in line for about half an hour, but we were with a pleasant group and the weather was warm, so it wasn't a bad experience

after some consultation with some of my artist friends I've decided to made some pretty big changes to the couch puppy quilt piece

these are the black/gray fabrics that I pulled out of the stash yesterday afternoon

now let's hope I can do with them what I see in my head!

time to get busy -- need to get those packages wrapped and bake some cookies

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AlisonH said...

That's so cool! Lucky Mr. Cute.

Loved your Christmas card, by the way, thank you!