Thursday, December 05, 2013

back again

we went to our daughter's house for Thanksgiving -- lots of projects worked on there and some fun time with Mr Cute!

the making of some salt dough projects for instance -- here we are, "gooma" showing him the fine points of rolling out the dough

reading at all times of the day is a big favorite

he caught me early in the morning for a couple of favorites and took a break from playing fireman (don't you love the way he wears his fire hat?!) to have papa read one to him

we have our own version of Black Friday shopping -- a trip to the fabric store and a couple of other places

here papa and Mr Cute are taking a walk from one store to another

we're home again -- but I picked up a cold while I was away, so I feel like I'm working in a fog -- ick!

so I'm working slower, but still working -- the dino is done and the sewing of Christmas pj pants is moving along

in the garage workshop the DH is moving along on a project for Mr Cute too

most of what else I'm working on for Christmas I can't show you right now -- I have readers they are intended for!

I can show you these, however --- two wool hats that will go to the Cheyenne River Reservation next fall and two more afghan squares for Close Knit Hugs

I'm working on a new art quilt -- the second in the series "Slice of Life", but I don't have any pictures yet -- maybe tomorrow

it's cold here -- 3 degrees at 10:45 a.m. as I write this -- and we were out around 7 a.m. when it was -3 degrees to shovel a single path on our walks (which have already been snowed over again) -- we knew this storm was coming, so we did shopping on Tuesday and are stocked up and prepared to just stay put until next week

our plan for today is to bring the boxes with the Christmas decorations in from the garage (which is a balmy 40 degrees!) and set up our little Christmas tree in the family room

time to get to that

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AlisonH said...

Brrr. But oh goodness, what tender pictures. Best of the season to all of you!