Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Christmas Season Arrives!

the tree is up!

decorating a tree for us is a walk down memory lane since so many of our ornaments are one of a kind artist created pieces and over the last 30+ years we've accumulated a lot of them but we still remember the stories behind almost all of them

the top of the bookcase even got cleared off and some snow globes, music boxes and figurines are arranged there

and then there is the village

these little cardboard houses were my grandmother's -- she used to set it up on top of the piano every year

a few years ago my mother gave them to me, and I added a string of LED lights

one of these days I'd like to build a more sophisticated structure for this that will let me hide the cords and add some additional things to it

and out in the garage, Santa's workshop is busy building things

the items I'm working on at the sewing machine are intended for someone that reads this blog, so pictures of those will have to wait!

I'm working on a new art quilt that is titled "Couch Puppy"

most of the couch is done, and I'm starting on the dog pieces --- moving right along

today we are going to venture out to go to the hardware store and the grocery store -- Santa's workshop needs a couple of things, and we need fruit and some other odds and ends

time to get to that

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AlisonH said...

It looks beautiful! Okay, we need to get ours out. If the grandsons weren't coming the day after Christmas we might procrastinate right on past it, but photos like yours remind me why I don't want to miss out. Thank you!