Saturday, December 28, 2013

the Christmas project reveal

as I worked on Christmas presents there were a number of them that I could not publish pictures of  either because I couldn't get a good picture at the time, or because the person they were intended for reads here and I didn't want to ruin the surprise

for my daughter a lot of those things came from the nightly knitting time -- a cardigan sweater that has some really interesting cabling patterns, a sea otter that she promptly named "Belle" and a pair of boot socks -- my first (and probably only) pair of socks -- which I was pleased to see actually fit

the embroidery feature of my sewing machine was put to work creating some new towels for my daughter's house -- the kocapelli towels for their downstairs bath room and the yellow with black for the kitchen -- I had made some similar items for them five years ago when they moved into their house, and some new ones were in order
there was some straight up sewing that went on too -- a pair of "designer" pants for the DH and a matching pair for Mr Cute as well as several pairs of flannel pj pants for Mr. Cute and the adults in the group
this is the quilt I made for my son in law based one one of his paintings -- I brought home the one I had made him back in 2009 -- I will be putting a new backing and new binding on it so it can continue to be used

from the garage workshop of the DH, and the sewing machines of both my daughter and I, the "Santa" presents were pretty impressive
resulting in a very delighted little boy doing a lot of cooking in his new "kitchen"

now that we're home, I'll be pulling out all of the new goodies I got and talking about them in the next post

time to get busy unpacking!

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AlisonH said...

Love it! Merry Christmas!!

Boy, our grandsons could sure have fun playing trucks together.