Monday, November 11, 2013

Before and After

Back in September I took this piece to a meeting where it was critiqued by someone that has a lot more art education than I do

I made this piece during 2012 as a response to a challenge to make a piece of art based on the word FOUR

I was pretty sure it was finished -- it had even been in a showcase exhibit at a quilt show in Denver

but I wanted to hear what someone else thought

and this is what it looks like now

making the change was not real difficult, but I think it makes a big difference

I was pretty nervous about having something critiqued, but it was done in such a positive, constructive and supportive way that I came away really excited about the experience and now I've even joined an online critique group to continue asking for assistance with future pieces

(and yes, I did actually do a little hand stitching on this to finish it up last night, so the hand is recovering nicely, thanks)

the DH attended a wood working demo on Saturday afternoon, and while he was learning all about using his router, I sat and worked on knitting more parts for the dinosaur

that bright orange piece is the tummy gusset, then then gray head and the spotted back leg

this is moving right along

some more paper crafts got finished too --- this is the front of the invitations for a gathering that I did on Saturday morning

we've been doing the clean up of the leaves now that the cold weather and the wind have taken almost all of them off the trees

when I went to the shed in the back yard to get out the leaf blower, this is what I saw

evidence once again that there is ample material for making art all around if you are paying attention

I think this will be another piece in the "Slice of Life" series

today there is a bit more outdoor work to do and the usual Monday laundry -- time to get to that


Nancy G said...

Wow, what a difference that little change makes! And how wonderful that you've found a group from which you can continue to receive such helpful criticism.

Love the dinosaur parts; that belly, at first glance, looks like a deflated balloon! I can't wait to see it all put together.

AlisonH said...

What Nancy said. Wow how the brown borders around each piece in the second one really finish it--both in color and pattern and in the upward vertical movement to match the growth of the tree.

Very glad to hear your hand is better. And I laughed in delight at that perfectly-placed leaf trying to pick the lock and get back to summer.