Friday, November 08, 2013

some good stuff, some bad stuff

I've been working on this year's Christmas cards

 from a drawing 

to a hand cut rubber stamp

to the way the stamp will look as the background of each card

I like how this is looking

and there is this drawing that I did recently

but the question, as with all abstract pieces is "which side up?"

I hope to make this into a quilted triptych, have not decided how big yet

I should have stayed with the paper crafting and stayed away from the sewing machine and I could have spent six hours at home instead of sitting the the waiting room of the emergency room waiting for what amounted to about 10 minutes of care

and before you ask why "why not your doctor's office" I'll tell you that I called there first but they didn't have anyone available to see me and I was told to go to the ER

I won't be doing any stitching for a few days, as the wound needs to heal from where they removed the sewing machine needle from my finger

talk about feeling majorly stupid


1 comment:

AlisonH said...

Oooooooh, BEV!!! I'm SO sorry!

I'm in awe, though--you're making your own rubber stamps? I've never heard of anyone doing that. But if it were anyone it would be you, and it's perfect.