Monday, November 25, 2013

crank up the production

heh, well, like I said, it's full steam ahead into Christmas projects

time at the sewing machine brought the completion of two crafting aprons for Mr Cute -- one for him and one for a friend to wear when crafting projects are done at Mr Cute's house

these look adorable from the front as they are a colorful fabric, and they really will keep the clothing underneath clean too because the inner lining is made from a piece of a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth that had already proved its wash-ability -- the flannel part is the back of the aprons and the printed vinyl is just beneath the surface of that bright print

these came out really well

and that pillow case took all of about 10 minutes from the cutting to completion -- I'm thinking this needs to go to Mr Cute to be put on his pillow right after Thanksgiving since it has those little snow men on it

it doesn't look like much here, but it is --- every year for the past 5 or 6 I've created a lap quilt for someone in the family

this one is this year's -- and I'll get you a better picture on Christmas day when the tall recipient can hold it up for me 

this one is all kinds of firsts, and on the whole, I'm really pleased with it

dinosaur "arms" with "hands" and claws --- this is a complex project, but its moving right along

today I'm doing laundry and working on projects -- time to get to that

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AlisonH said...

You have a very lucky family!

I have a Chinese dragon pattern by Ellen Sibelius. One of these days I need to make it for my grandkids. Thank you for the inspiration!