Tuesday, November 26, 2013

production marches on!

this is all finished

I used one of the fonts on my sewing machine to embroider the "Chef" on the head band

can't wait to get a picture of Mr Cute wearing this!

got this finished too

using fabric that was given to me (thanks sis!) I was able to make a pillow cover for a neck pillow

the original pattern called for a zipper around the outside edge, but that was such a pain that I reworked the pattern and created an overlapping opening on the back side that I hope will make it a lot easier to put on and take off

assembly of the dinosaur parts continues

I'm thinking I'll be able to start attaching all of these parts soon!

the gray skies seem to finally be gone

I shot this photo outside the front door this morning  -- its a good thing/bad thing

the good thing -- that blue sky, and this might be good inspiration for an art quilt

the bad thing -- that gutter must be full of leaves and pine needles because the ice is running right over the top and down the front edge -- which means as soon as everything melts off the roof, I need to pull out the ladder and clean out that gutter -- let's not create an issue with the roof!

1 comment:

AlisonH said...

Brave woman. Last time I was up on mine sweeping away the leaves, I, um, fell... And my first thought was, hope none of the neighbors saw that little bit of gracefulness.