Sunday, November 24, 2013

some finished, some in progress

the bead work I've been messing with for about a month is finally finished

in ways it is a continuation of what the prior piece was -- more fiddling with creating 3D shapes with seed beads and the added dimension of "framing" some bigger beads with those shapes

the necklace has even more variety of shapes and materials

both of these pieces are now out on my Etsy store (link there at the top right of my blog)

so now its full speed ahead with Christmas projects

yesterday afternoon I cut out several items that now need to be stitched together and last night I worked some more on this project -- certainly he is an interesting dinosaur!

I'm in the final stretch of stitching down the binding on the quilt that is a Christmas gift, and the other knitting project for Christmas is moving right along too

the winter storm that was supposed to blow in and blow out in about 24 hours has been hanging over us since Thursday -- this morning all of the trees look like they've been flocked at the Christmas tree lot as the fog and the cold combine to coat everything in frost

the dog went out and snow plowed in the yard -- and carried in a blob of snow on her nose -- it looks like that gray in her muzzle has moved up over her nose!

we're hoping this cold and gray moves on soon

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AlisonH said...

Love your dog's muzzle picture. Happy snow time!

And the beadwork is beautiful. Love the colors, too.