Monday, November 23, 2009

Architectural beading

now that I have a bit of time to work on projects that don't have a deadline, I have been working on this project again

I really like the way the bottom of this looks -- the fabric that I used for the "glass" has that reflective quality one would expect of glass, and I think the brick work looks pretty cool too

so, I was feeling pretty smart about my ideas for the way this project should work out and the using of sort of off the wall materials

until I got to this part

the original idea was to use pieces of a foil baking pan cut up like tiles and build beaded bezels around them

and that all works, but I really don't like the way it looks

the bezel just looks too fussy and contrived when what I want is the same smooth look that the faux brick has in the bottom section

so, what to do?

for one thing, take this part out

then I think I'll try a sheet of heavy duty foil that I can actually stitch right through to make those narrow "rails" that are supposed to hold the metal panels

I'll be giving that a try -- and keep you posted!

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