Sunday, November 15, 2009

winter day activities

actually, these were found before the storm set in

on Friday we went to the grocery store to pick up what we would need over the weekend

in the ad they said there were persimmons -- I was not hopeful as all I've ever seen here are the other variety which will not work for the recipe I want to do

but they had these!


they will sit on the counter until they are so ripe that I can make an X in the top of them and squeeze out the pulp like toothpaste

we'll have one of our favorite California treats for this year's Christmas celebration!

since the weather was cold and snowy yesterday, the DH decided it was a good time to cook up the rest of the squash stash

those are the last three of the acorn squash we grew in our garden this summer

the pumpkin was one we picked up at the grocery before Halloween when they were on sale

he made a pumpkin pie out of half of the pumpkin and we put the other half in the freezer to be made into pie for Thanksgiving

we'll be eating squash some this week and freezing the leftovers

to go with the piece of fabric stamped to be rocks from yesterday's post, here is the piece I stamped with different shades of green

these will be cut into shapes then I'll use a fabric marker to put in the "branches" and these will become low bushes and shrubs in the Trees piece

since I needed to pull out all of the other fabrics I have on hand for this project, I went through four of the tubs of fabric I had sitting out in the "studio"

after two more loads of laundry for the pieces I'm working on, I have 2 small tubs (one for the Trees project, one for the Out of Africa project) and the other tubs are ready to go out to the storage shed until after Christmas

today I start doing the backing for the trees themselves

and one more afghan square complete!

I have only 3 more to do to have this box full

I'm not sure I'll have that done before Thanksgiving, but if not, I'm sure I'll have that and more done when we return from our daughter's

when I was in the store picking up fabrics and foam the other day I did get a skein of brighter variegated yarn to do the next few squares --- a bit more color is required!!

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