Sunday, November 22, 2009

stuff still on the sticks

this project is getting close to being done

I have only the ribbing to do on the second sleeve then there will be stitching (NOT my favorite thing) and knitting of ribbing around the bottom -- oh yeah, and the weaving in of many, MANY ends since this is a "reconstituted" sweater

I just love the pattern stitch in this one, can't wait to think up another "something" to knit using it

and while I would not wear this color, it hasn't been bad to work on -- a lot easier than really dark colors that seem to just suck up the light and make it harder to see it the pattern stitch is correct

another afghan square complete

and I cast on what will be the last one in this box last night

it uses this same varigated yarn (this is called "crayon" I believe, or something like that for it's bright "raceway" of colors) and a bright orange

just the color alone should keep someone warm!

it will be good to get this box full of squares on its way and start on the next box full

and this project will soon be on the sticks

a vest for the DH

yet another "reconstituted" sweater project

it is one of the things I love about hand knits -- when you get tired of one or part of it gets damaged or it doesn't fit any more you can just ravel the whole thing and make something else out of it

I'm making real progress on the architectural beadwork piece I'm working on -- this one has a whole section that on the real building were big metal panels -- I'm about to reach the place where I will be starting into the pieces of aluminum foil pan that I'm going to use for those parts -- I hope it works!

meantime I'm starting to tidy up my working areas and the annual Christmas Cleanup is underway (wherein we put away some things to set up our decorations)

rollin' right along

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